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‘My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece’ by Annabel Pitcher

This wonderful book has been published as one of the Oxford University Press ‘Rollercoaster’ series and was therefore loaned to me by our school OUP rep Adam Malpas: http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/

Compelling reading is my verdict on this text. I received the book on Monday and finished it within twenty four hours. The first persona narrative voice of ten year old Jamie has the unnerving ability to naively question and raise contentious issues in our society through the eyes of a child. The issues raised include terrorism, the race and religion of his best friend Sunya, death, alcoholism, bullying, divorce, grief and a range of other difficult topics. Somehow the young protagonist has an inner resilience that keeps him going through tough times and he is lucky to have the companionship of his loyal best friend Sunya and his beloved cat Roger. I am going  to pass the book around my department so that the other staff can have a read and decide which age we would recommend the book for. There are a variety of different book covers for this text but none of those below are on my OUP version:

When you search this text on google images a picture of David Tenant comes up – Why? You may ask? Apparently he has done a reading of the text….the next shot is a picture of the writer Annabel Pitcher and this picture is the nearest to the one on my cover:


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