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I have been searching for stimulus for teaching AQA Mest 3 to my A Level Media students. The first part of this paper: Section A will be an unseen moving image text followed by three questions.  Section B will be on their prepared case study: the topic the girls have chosen is the representation of disability in the media.

We watched “Salt”  which I thought was fantastic! It reminded me of a female version of the Bourne films and I had the feeling at the end that it may have a sequel…..So I researched this 2010 action film directed by Phillip Noyce. It stars Angelina Jolie as the female version of Jason Bourne – even the way she runs reminds me of the Bourne trilogy (I used to teach these texts previously – can you tell???) Jolie plays the character of Evelyn Salt who is accused of being an undercover Russian agent: she goes on the run to try to clear her name with a huge number of plot turns and twists.

Originally this film was written with a male protagonist in mind: I must say that I could see that as I watched. Apparently Tom Cruise was initially secured for the lead part but then the script was rewritten  for Jolie. I find it surprising that the film has received mixed reviews. There has been praise for the immense action scenes and Jolie’s performance which I must say that I agree with:  found her performance compelling (I did not think I would be saying that). 

However, the film has been criticised for the way it has been written with reviewers finding the plot implausible and too convoluted. However, I must say that personally although it was complicated, I loved the enigmas and the twists in the plot (we had to go back and stop it once for a re watch near the beginning and my husband totally missed the spider bit….) The DVD and Blu-ray apparently features two alternate cuts providing different endings for the movie: now I am intrigued as to what they are….This would be brilliant to teach for narrative theories and character roles. I do hope they make a sequel…..anyway must not stay blogging I have to get off to the summer fayre at school. Hopefully the wet weather won’t damped people’s spirits or affect the turnout of our annual big event.


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