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Thin and Thick Tweets

I’m just reading in Meikle and Young about ‘thin’ and ‘thick’ tweets! My goodness! I’ve only just learned to tweet since starting this module! I have no idea if they are thin or thick!!! Apparently it is to do with tags and hashtags….I had no idea that hashtags (which I have never used!) according to Ch 5 p113 “can add an extra layer of information or perspective to a tweet. They are fundamental to the difference between what David Silver has termed ‘thin’ or ‘thick’ tweets (2009). In this distinction, ‘thin’ tweets offer a single piece or layer of information. These may be trivial….’Thick’ tweets in contrast, offer several layers of information in 140 characters or fewer, by for example including a link, a comment on that link, and a hash tag that complements both, while also helping to situate the tweet within a larger conversation.”
I am definitely “thin” my tweets are not “thick” I will aspire to thick ones! I will surely need the help of hubby to do this – he has had to help me change my twitter name from my personal name @flosscowley to @stdoms6form tonight!!! Apparently I will be linked to the live feed on the website…….right I’m off to bed to continue reading “The Woman in Black”.


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