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Ironic really considering that I work at a predominantly girls school….

We had a really successful forum meeting last night for parents of Year 10-13: it was a great opportunity for the new Headmaster to meet some parents in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Three sixth forms girls presented and shared their distinctive experiences.

Last night we went to see “Mrs Brown’s Boys” at the Civic in Wolverhampton. It was fantastic! I love the character of Agnes Brown aka Mammy and there were so many moments where you could see that “she” was off script and winding the other characters up to try ad make them laugh. The heated argument between Mammy and Cathy about the badges in particular was hilarious. Most of the content of the show had been seen during the episodes aired on the television previously but it was even funnier second time around in a live context. There were some moments which were obviously not planned when Rory laughed uncontrollably “What’s the story Rory?” and Buster dropped his ping pong ball! Overall this was an excellent night out which I would thoroughly recommend – although tickets for the performance at the NIA in Birmingham have already sold out!

Tonight we have watched “About a Boy” on DVD which is the second time I have seen this film. This is actually another film adapted from a book which I should add to my list of film adaptations on the open air blog last week. I find it hard to believe that I first watched this film when it came out in 2002 – ten years ago when  had just started teaching! However, looking at Nicholas Hoult playing the character of young Marcus it is obvious that so much time has elapsed. I particularly like the dual voiceover from the perspectives of Will and Marcus which allows great insight into their thoughts.

Talking of voiceovers, one of my Year 12s has used their Dad to do a voiceover in their Media Practical production piece at AS level – it reminds me of a previous dad voiceover four years ago which really tickled me! That candidate will be amongst the first cohort from our newly established sixth form to graduate from university this year! Unbelievable how time passes! Another girl from the same cohort is just finishing her English degree at Birmingham University and wants to come into our school for work experience in the summer. I am hoping that she will be able to help me set up some sort of alumni……


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