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“Blogging is a form of graffiti with punctuation”

I saw this quotation on the Facebook status of a friend of mine from my first degree in English at Hull University….. I haven’t seen him for 13 years and I reflected how like him it was to be subversive….

Imagine how intrigued I was today when watching “Contagion” to realise that the quotation actually came from there and was not his! I have mentioned this film in my blog before as I had listened to the interview with Steven Soderbergh with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo. My thoughtful hubbie had remembered my comment that I would like to see this film and bought it.

The film is pertinent to the issue of blogging and how it is represented in the media. The microphone image reflects the quotation by the blogger Alan, the character played by Jude Law:

“They trust me. All 12 million unique visitors. I’m a trusted man stepping up to the microphone in front of a very large crowd. That’s who I am. That’s the brand.”

This raises all sorts of issues in terms of his identity and perception of himself, trust (he knows he is fraudulent), audience size, brand identity of a blog…… Alan gets the sufficent response to his arrest and “plight” to be released from prison by his audience therefore demonstrating the power of the blog! (I tried to do a screen grab of a shot of Jude Law in character with the snag tooth from the trailer but could not just get the shot to save – the link was to the whole of the trailer – any input on how I am going wrong would be greatly appreciated….)

It was interesting to think about the depiction of Law as a freelance “writer” trying to “sell” a story to the newspaper in the film called “The Chronicle” and the issues this raised relating to the contentious relationship between blogging and the mass media. Rettberg P 31:

“Blogs tend to be understood in terms of their differences in comparison to the mass media tha dominated the 20th Century. This is especially true in the media’s representation of blogs, which repeatedly attempts to understand blogs as a (possibly flawed) form of journalism….”

This reminded me of a DVD I used to teach at school entitled “Blogging” which I will dig out to share with you at a later date…………It also made me think of “State of Play” both versions but in particular the film version. The approach of Russell Crowe to the “big” print news story and his rejection of online news sprang to mind. This reminds me that I have presentations from Year 12 Media first thing tomorrow morning….lets hope the girls have done a good job in preparing them!!!!


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