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Buckingham taught in Brewood!!!

On Sunday morning I read Chapter 6 from Buckingham’s book “Beyond Technology”. This chapter is entitled “Playing to learn? Rethinking the educational potential of Computer Games”. The content referred to media writers on the use of games such as Marc Prensky and James Paul Gee. I found this interesting and useful despite not being overly familiar with games personally.

On Monday morning, a girl in my Year 12 media class did a presentation on creative audiences using games as a medium. Imagine the surprise of her and my group when I recounted some of the things I had learned the previous day! There they were thinking that I was a novice and not familiar with this area…suddenly I began discussing Prensky and Gee with the group. The presenters face paled and she asked me if she had been remiss in not mentioning Prensky and Gee. I reassured her that she had done an excellent job and that it was only my reading for this  module that had enabled me to encounter these writers!!!

I am trying to get onto Chapter 7 “That’s Edutainment” but by the time all of my school work is done and I finally get to read it my eyes seem to fail me….no reflection on Buckingham – more a reflection on how much Easter is needed in this teaching whirlwind!

We have sixth form parents evening this Thursday night which is obviously busy for me in my new role. I am taking three girls to see an MD of a company tomorrow who previously did a presentation for us in school. Hopefully one of them may secure paid work experience during the summer….

I attended a fantastic event last Thursday night with three key representatives from “Tempo” in Ironbridge. It was through a business contact from “Start up Shropshire” called Fay Easton. She led the informative and engaging session which the girls were privileged to attend. The feedback and advice the girls received was invaluable! They are now moving towards their company presentation evening. They submitted seven signed copies of their company report ahead of the deadline last Friday and were therefore very pleased with themselves. Now they are onto the last leg of the competition which is the presentation night. The trade fayre event was marked out of 100 as is the company report. The final 100 marks are available next Wednesday night and they need to make sure their content and delivery is as dynamic as possible. The girls already know that they have some stiff competition from the Trade Fayre so are eagerly preparing their speech. I will keep you posted of their progress as we move towards the big event!!!!


Open day…..

A lovely dry Saturday morning for open day at St Dominic’s HSG. We have had a very busy morning with 30 tours. Yesterday was a very busy day with 15 tours on working open day so a successful session.
The Young Enterprise girls are working hard on their company report which is due in at the end of next week. They are also thinking ahead to their presentation evening in two and a half weeks! Busy girls!
There have been mixed feelings about the AS and A2 results by students and staff alike. The results came out on Thursday and we would like decisions about summer entries by Monday. This has required intensive discussions with some pupils and given them a great deal to think about over the weekend!
However despite the subject commitments, YE pressures and decisions about the next exam series there was a wonderful atmosphere in the “pink room” today!
I have a speaking and listening moderation visit on Wednesday so will turn my attention to the GCSE English Language specification tomorrow….


Saturday afternoon was spent at the trade fayre in Stone where the Young Enterprise competition was held. There were seven teams participating with a variety of different products. The standard was especially high this year and the competition was fierce! I heard a report on BRMB today about the value of Young Enterprise and how it encourages sixth formers to start their own businesses in the future. In fact a YE participant from seven years ago has started his own business and is supplying his products to the Jamaican team at the forthcoming Olympics! This success is testament to the success of the YE programme!
Consequently I am delighted to have been asked to go on the Staffordshire YE Board and attend my first meeting next Monday the 12th March! This is a real accolade for our school, especially our sixth form!
There were many members of the B for B breakfast meeting present at the trade fayre too! Dave from DK Design, Steve from Lilac Films, Jonathan from Baswitch Consultancy, Stuart the Regional Director, Anna, Steve, Emily… The list goes on – all testament to how altruistic and committed these business people are to developing and nurturing the next generation!
Back to Tempo! The girls were out in force! A fantastic turnout all in their matching hoodie tops! The stand looked great and the girls felt their interview with the judges went well!
Despite the weather the St Dominic’s girls were impressive and consequently came second in this event!
What a successful day!!


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