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Personal Reflections…

I have managed to read two of the four books I bought from amazon for this module over the half term holiday.  Firstly the style of “Work’s Intimacy” and “Blogging” made these texts really accessible and readable for me.  In contrast I have read the introductions of both “Media Convergence” and “Beyond Technology” and found the material to be dense and hard to digest.  This is something I need to tackle as these texts are obviously more theoretic and academic than the two I have hungrily devoured!!  I did try to get into “Beyond Technology” whilst waiting in a noisy cafe in Asda for some photographs to be developed upstairs… Perhaps I need to think about my conditions of reception!!  I will persevere this week. 

However a quick reflection on “Works Intimacy” is needed as I have recommended this text to a couple of my colleagues from my fortnightly business breakfast meetings.  I had a conversation with the web designer one as soon as I started reading the text about Email etiquette and how quickly you should respond to a received mail.  I have reflected considerably on my working practices with regard to email usage and am in fact considering suggesting that at school we have an official policy on email usage.  There is a reference to an email policy being on a toilet door in a Melbourne office on page 79 – I’m not going to advocate this but I feel some reflections and guidelines on email courtesy in my school institution would be helpful.

Now on to personal reflections, reading chapter 8 entitled “Long Hours, High Bandwidth: Negotiating Domesticity and Distance.”  For starters my husband will tell you that I have never managed to negotiate domesticity before and seem to have an aversion to household chores.  Therefore he was hopeful that this chapter may help me to overcome my difficulties in this area.  He was disappointed to find that the interviewed person known as Jenny is actually me!!  He could also see some similarities and Jenny’s partner named Mike.  To summarise pages 142-145 Jenny wants to constantly stay on top of things at work and this leads to her spending a great deal of time on this whereas his career does not allow him to bring work home.  It talks about this issue being “the notable fissure in this couples relationship”.  On that note I better sign off and find my husband aka Mike!  Night night from Me aka Jenny!!


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