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Friday was a hectic day at school! The girls are building up towards the big trade fayre next Saturday 3rd March. To this end, they filmed another video with Steve Cranston from @lilac media. The first film was an advert which aimed to show the watches in different contexts with different users. In contrast, this second advert is setting a challenge to the audience to(hopefully)  make them respond and interact. Overall the girls are doing really well and need to make every second count this week as they make their final preparations for the big event!

Similarly, I have been making good use of my time this weekend (tempo time!) I have finished reading “Media Convergence” which I really got into and found sections that really resonated with me. The discussion of “Julie and Julia” On P.95 was interesting as I had mentioned that in a previous blog…..(I’ve still yet to see “Contagion” though) In particular, the best two chapters for me to use in my classroom teaching were: Chapters 2 and 5.

Chapter 2 “Convergent Media Industries” will be so useful when I move onto teaching Institutions in two weeks time to my AS Media group. I thought the case studies on News Corporation, Google and the BBC were really illuminating and can see myself using this material with them in class. Similarly Chapter 5 “Creative Audiences” is great for bringing our study of audience right up to date. We have obviously looked at the history of audience theory from the early days of the “uses and gratifications” models right up to the present day “produsers”. I feel this Chapter is an excellent overview of many of the ideas and discussions involved in my module on film theory last year: I have been reflecting on how much of the knowledge gained from that unit has filtered through into my teaching this term….

Another aspect I have been reflecting on with that particular AS group is my intended use of blogging next year with the practical production element of their course. This is worth 50% and we constantly emphasise to the girls the importance of logging the process down in the exercise books provided for this task. The idea is that they will have plenty of research material and also a log of their processes to refer to. This is vital for the reflection stage of the evaluation. After reading the Bragg article, this is an obvious area we could use blogging in next year. I liked the five part sequence that Bragg used as did Fish in her blog (Thanks Fish for alerting me to what I had missed on moodle! Much appreciated!)

Another area in sixth form we are trying to incorporate blogging into is the reflection of sixth form life. I will be talking to the Head Girl and the recently returned work experience girls to see how we could make this work…..

I embarked on Buckingham again (after that previous disastrous attempt in Asda) and to my relief found it very readable and informative. I am currently half way through at P.93 focusing on “The Digital Divide” and finding this text really useful. The first Chapter on BETT was interesting as this is something that John mentioned to us in London on our first meeting back in January….I have tweeted a colleague from my Breakfast Meeting about this and am sure we will further discuss this when I see him at the Breakfast meeting on Tuesday. In fact, much of the text resonated with me after a talk that this contact Phil Oakley @OutserveWeb did to my girls for enrichment earlier in the school year. He encouraged the girls not to be anxious about the use of social media and instead to focus on using this participatory media to represent themselves in a positive way.

The Buckingham article from the MacArthur series relates to many of the ideas in the book and I found this useful to try to embed some of these new ideas in my thoughts. I especially liked the five approaches to thinking about identity. I know need to decide whether I am Goffman or Giddens or A. N. Other……


Successful return to school!

A busy week at school! The returning girls had some really good feedback on their work experience placements. So impressive in fact that one has been offered paid employment during the third year of her sandwich course degree at university! Success! We have now been allocated a work experience board in the main reception of the school!
I need now to do some statistics and analysis of how we have managed to place our girls so successfully. A high percentage of the leads have been derived from the Business meetings I have been attending since September. These breakfast meetings are fortnightly and have proved invaluable in two ways. Firstly in generating work experience contacts and leads. Secondly in recruiting external speakers to come into school and do enrichment talks.
This is my first post from my phone! Progress…..

Personal Reflections…

I have managed to read two of the four books I bought from amazon for this module over the half term holiday.  Firstly the style of “Work’s Intimacy” and “Blogging” made these texts really accessible and readable for me.  In contrast I have read the introductions of both “Media Convergence” and “Beyond Technology” and found the material to be dense and hard to digest.  This is something I need to tackle as these texts are obviously more theoretic and academic than the two I have hungrily devoured!!  I did try to get into “Beyond Technology” whilst waiting in a noisy cafe in Asda for some photographs to be developed upstairs… Perhaps I need to think about my conditions of reception!!  I will persevere this week. 

However a quick reflection on “Works Intimacy” is needed as I have recommended this text to a couple of my colleagues from my fortnightly business breakfast meetings.  I had a conversation with the web designer one as soon as I started reading the text about Email etiquette and how quickly you should respond to a received mail.  I have reflected considerably on my working practices with regard to email usage and am in fact considering suggesting that at school we have an official policy on email usage.  There is a reference to an email policy being on a toilet door in a Melbourne office on page 79 – I’m not going to advocate this but I feel some reflections and guidelines on email courtesy in my school institution would be helpful.

Now on to personal reflections, reading chapter 8 entitled “Long Hours, High Bandwidth: Negotiating Domesticity and Distance.”  For starters my husband will tell you that I have never managed to negotiate domesticity before and seem to have an aversion to household chores.  Therefore he was hopeful that this chapter may help me to overcome my difficulties in this area.  He was disappointed to find that the interviewed person known as Jenny is actually me!!  He could also see some similarities and Jenny’s partner named Mike.  To summarise pages 142-145 Jenny wants to constantly stay on top of things at work and this leads to her spending a great deal of time on this whereas his career does not allow him to bring work home.  It talks about this issue being “the notable fissure in this couples relationship”.  On that note I better sign off and find my husband aka Mike!  Night night from Me aka Jenny!!

Trying to add a video link (successfully)……

Last post showed me that the video link was there but when I pressed publish it was gone!  Was it because i added it to the HTML page rather than the visual page?  I was relying on the advice of my dear friend Chris Abraham and his tutuorial….  Anyway here goes, there should be a link to my year 12 girls and their young enterprise company Tempo below:

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