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1st online tutorial – Teacher Tick !!

As a novice blogger, I’ve watched 32 minutes out of the 45 minute tutorial by Chris Abraham:

  • Is my title accurate, pithy, attractive or interesting?
  • Feel compelled to us some of the visual rich text editor – especially the one that allows you to cross through text.
  • Have managed my posts and deleted the “Hello World!” first blog that was automatically generated.
  • The presentation should now be more engaging than the bland standard set up.
  • Hopefully my widgets in the sidebar follow the correct blogging etiquette!!

Targets for improvement (as outlined by any good teacher!!)

  • Including a link
  • Uploading an image as a thumbnail
  • Including a video
  • Blogroll
  • Collaborative blog

With the voice of Chris Abraham echoing round my head on a Monday night,  here’s hoping that my future blogs will be more aesthetically pleasing…….


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One thought on “1st online tutorial – Teacher Tick !!

  1. This is a great and systematic approach to the whole thing. I aspire to that kind of discipline! Some of the available support online is rich and detailed and not always intimidating by any means. Good luck.

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