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“Lord of the Flies” reflections…..

Preparations for teaching my scheme of work on “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding led me to some serious reflections on parallel situations in contemporary life at sixth form in my school…….

Imagine if the setting of the island without any adults was actually our sixth form building: would the washing up get done?

Imagine if the contest for leadership between Ralph and Jack in the novel was actually the current contest for leadership of the Young Enterprise team: who would win? The reliable chief character? Or the brave hunter type? These questions about personality and the dynamics of leadership within a group of young people are universal and pertinent irrespective of gender and time.

It is interesting to watch our girls as they undertake the January examinations: some girls rise to the challenge effectively and without nerves, others find the examinations daunting and need a great deal of support and encouragement.

Anyway enough musings from me – time to pass the symbol of the conch on and look at what others have had to say in their blogs…..


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